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Learn ancestral magic, how to connect to your inner sovereignty, your wise ancestors, and tap into your psychic skills with the ancestral witch program Autumn/Winter Cohort.


Ancestral Magick

Learn how to:

  • Tap into your psychic powers and mediumship skills.
  • How to do spellwork, ritual craft, and magick.
  • Heal your mind, body, and soul in this unique healing container.



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Embodied Feminine Wisdom

Tap into ancient feminine spiritual principles and:

  • Heal your lineage and mother wounds.
  • Reclaim peace and sovereignty for your self and ancestral lines.
  • Tap into magick and power to manifest the life you long to live.



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What customers are saying...

"Ancestral Witch truly changed my life. This program helped me uncover several sources of trauma in myself and my family and begin healing them, and better understand the relationship I have with my living family members. Throughout the program I had a place of safe, positive support among the group where I could be vulnerable."


Oregon, USA


"This class has completely changed my relationship with myself, others, my future generations, and my ancestors. I feel so plugged in to my power, my sovereignty, and my choices. This class put me at the energetic center of my life which is something I rarely made time for previously, and that has made all the difference. I finally feel like I belong in my family, I’m the one they’ve been waiting for. That wouldn’t have been possible without Lauren and this class."


Ohio, USA

"This program helped me to reconnect to my roots, and empowered me to reclaim my own traditions, heal my relationship to the earth, and begin the process of setting healthy boundaries in my day to day life. This class helped me ground myself in my own worth by realizing that I am myself, but I am also everyone who came before me and everyone who will come after me. It helped me grasp the weight and joy of my embodied inheritance."


Illinois, USA