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Wilde Spirit Co exists to support femme identified humans on their soul path evolution. We are here to illuminate, activate, and guide you on your journey to reclaim your power and embodied truth.







My name is Lauren Wilde and I am the foundress and directrix of Wilde Spirit School, an online Wild Feminine Mystery School.


I am an embodied professional astrologer, cosmic channel, and shamanic priestess rooted in my ancestral wisdom. I live my life being guided by the ancient wisdom of the stars and the Celtic Wheel of the Year. 

I personally aspire to live closely with the earth and shepherd the land and children I have been blessed with. I aspire to live wildly and deeply rooted connected to the wisdom of my womb and the olde ways of my wise and well ancestors. And I also have a passion and soul level purpose to teach other female identified mystics to do the same.

I am an awakener, illuminator, disruptor and spinner of a new way. I am weaving the olde and the new ways into a tapestry of unknown magick. I work diligently to be a discerning wise woman and hold the wisdom and the truth of my Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Nordic ancestors close to my heart.

I have been deeply impacted by studying astrology, animism, seership, mythology, descent spirituality and the overall esoteric arts. My greatest guides have led me to Seidr- a Nordic form of Shamanism birthed by the Goddess Freyja and Welsh Shamanism, which was birthed by Elen of the Ways. I am an astrologer, but I am very rooted in the earth and the practices of embodiment, integration, somatic experiencing, polyvagal theory, and earth based spirituality/psychotherapy.

I believe the stability the earth provides has deep feminine wisdom, as do reading the stars of the future. By holding the tension between the sky and earth in our bodieswe at WILDE SPIRIT SCHOOL are paving a brave new world forward. 

Our great mission is to help you awaken and emBODY your deepest TRUTH. We hope to help you connect to your soul level self with compassion and conviction and move bravely towards her.

We hope you will cross the threshold and begin your wild feminine initiation with us.

There are three main ways to get integrated into the school which are:

1. Self-paced study courses

2. Hybrid Group Programs run by Lauren Wilde or one of her apprentices or approved guest teachers.

3. 1:1 Private Practice Coaching work with Lauren Wilde Directly.

If we can answer any questions for you please reach out to us at [email protected]

Warmly & Wildly, 

Lauren Wilde

CEO Wilde Spirit Co.

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WILDE SPIRIT SCHOOL exists to help you awaken your truth & Embody your Magick.

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Illuminate. Attune. Embody. Manifest. 
Awaken your feminine power within...

Lauren here, the Foundress and Directrix of WILDE SPIRIT SCHOOL. I want to share a bit of my story and how the school was birthed.

You see, all of my life I struggled with the feeling of being too much, and too different. I was always physically feeling too much, seeing too much, knowing too much with no factual reasons as to how I knew. I spent all of my young life trying to fit in a box that I was never meant to inhabit. I didn't realize boxes would never work and I would have to learn to embody my spiritual gifts to find peace. This is also where my story of becoming the teacher I am today comes into play..

Often times, the things we need most aren't there because we are meant to pioneer it. This is the basic story of The Chironic Healer Mythology that the school is widely built upon. It is from our wounds we help heal others. But first, we should heal them up so we don't bleed all those we care deeply for. 

Wilde Spirit School was birthed from personal need for community  after I deconstructed from my high control Christian religious background in 2015. For those of you that don't know I was an evangelical lay-pastor and teacher before my great spiritual awakening in 2015.

After my exodus I was hungry to finally find fellow rebels- and couldn't find anything. This wasn't a "thing yet." So I realized I would to build it, and I did and guess what: IT HEALED ME.

So in 2018 I built the coven for like-minded mystics, witches, priestesses, artists, shamanic practitioners, activists, herbalist, rebels, and wildhearted ones. You aren't too much here. You are just right and you belong. As we always say:


So we talked about the community aspect, but shortly after I birthed the community I found myself hungry to share and teach what I had learned so far in my studies of arot, astrology, and celtic witchcraft- before I knew it I had created over 20+ signature courses, and programs- until I finally realized I needed a place to organized and make this enterprise official. So here we are.. welcome to WILDE SPIRIT SCHOOL 


There are currently three ways to connect into the school.

1. Self-Paced Self Study Courses

2. Group Hybrid Programs

3. My signature 1:1 Private Coaching Container known as The SOMAgick Method 



All of my signature courses and programs align with my ccore teachings and courses, and will clarify and guide your life in the direction you desire. 

If you want to work with me personally to get clarity and embody your highest self, please¬†click the link below to see if my private coaching practice or my signature hybrid coaching program is right for you. If you have ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT US AT [email protected]

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Self-Study Courses


Choose to learn from various wild feminine based  courses and Programs Lauren created for your self-study needs. Classes range from astrology, to ancestral witchcraft, to shadow work and healing.These courses are pre-recorded and are not live. There is no personal consulting with this offer.

This offer is for those that want to jump into the teachings, but are not ready for live classes, community and personal 1:1 coaching yet.  




Group Program Ancestral Witch 


Join Lauren's signature program ANCESTRAL WITCH this fall in a Hybrid Course Container. You will work in a coven/cohort to learn your craft , connect to your well ancestors, develop your psychic gifts, and heal your lineage as a cycle breaker. The program consists of Lauren's most foundational teachings, and weekly LIVE group facilitation.

This Offer is for people that want to get into the teachings, but aren't ready for Lauren's 1:1 Coaching Container. 



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1:1 Private  Coaching


This is Lauren's Private Coaching Practice. Clients work with Lauren 1:1 for 13 weeks or more.This is Lauren's most personal offer and includes all the previous offers before.

This offer includes all three tiers : live coven/community,  access to a live course group hybrid offering and, and 1:1 private coaching to support you in your PERSONAL goals.


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The schools current three offers will help you learn how to transform and alchemize your biggest blocks so that you can become your most powerful self.

Through various methods such as astrology, shamanism, yoga, and witchcraft we can illuminate your blocks and transmute them into your power. This is a program for female identified mystics seeking healing, rewilding, worth reclamation. Its time to awaken to your most authentic truth and emBODY your Magick. Let's manifest your highest timeline and purpose NOW. 

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Let Others Inspire You.

"Learning astrology from Lauren has truly been life-altering. I went into this program knowing almost nothing about astrology and now I feel like a have a pretty solid grasp on my natal chart. Starting out, I was hoping to learn more about myself through the lens of astrology and Lauren has absolutely delivered on that! It's been so amazing to see how all the pieces fit together. It's a lot of hard and vulnerable work but the result is a much better understanding of who you are. As I learn certain aspects of how I'm put together I'm also learning how to lean into my strengths and how to develop parts of myself that up until now I had seen as weaknesses. It's been an amazing journey so far. Lauren is such a passionate and knowledgeable teacher, you can tell she really knows her stuff but she also makes it a point to honor everyone's sovereignty. She also fosters a sense of belonging that I haven't always felt in other group settings I've been a part of. Everyone belongs, everyone is welcome, and everyone is truly part of the group. Following my gut and signing up for this program has been the highlight of my year!

Rebecca M.

"Lauren has well structured programs that give a good balance of the freedom and flow. You will feel guided, with purposeful & well-thought out activities from her program agendas. I appreciate learning esoteric practices with all of the senses (rituals, path walking & meditative practices, health coaching, workbooks, external solo activities), it’s way way way more than astrology text book exercises. Lauren's method of embodied teachings paired to the needs of your natal chart is astoundingly effective. You gain so much more than you would expect from an online course. Lauren is an amazing facilitator & community creatrix. 

Tiff Brynn
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